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(Delivery to Downtown Area ONLY- Ordering has been disabled. Will be available soon...)

Pork Tamales: Filled with pork and great tasting green salsa to give you that spice you are looking for.



Chicken Tamales: Filled with White breast meat and green salsa that will make you come back for more.



Cheese Tamales: Cheese lovers, these tamales are for you. Filled with Mexican chihuahua cheese, onions, and slices/"rajas" of jalapeno peppers.



Bean Tamales: Made from fresh pinto beans and green salsa. These tamales are great if you are not eating red meat or poultry.




Crab Tamales: Crab meat, jalapeno, and red salsa. Truly unique!



Sweet (Dulce) Tamales: Made with a touch of coconut and pineapple. You will taste the richness of this sweet Tamale and think you are on a tropical island. No salsa in sweet tamales.


Pineapple Sweet Tamales

Blueberry Sweet Tamales

Spinach Tamales:

Made from delicious Chihuahua cheese, spinach, jalapeno and red salsa.



Broccoli Tamales: Delicious Chihuahua cheese, bell peppers, broccoli, jalapeno, and red salsa.



Mole Tamales:

Very special tamales.

(Pre-Order only)



Corn / Elote (On a cob/shaved) Prepared Mexican style with mayonnaise, lime, cotija, cheese, butter, and red chili pepper or plain.



Frijoles Rancheros/Chili (12oz) Mexican style chili made with pinto beans, ground beef, chorizo, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers.



Soup (16oz) "Albondigas" Meatballs made of ground beef, pork, rice, spices with Chipotle sauce.



Chicken Tinga/ Half-Tinga Shredded white breast of chicken meat made with chipotle sauce, onion, tomato, and pepper. Served on a bed of tortilla chips or four flour tortillas. Topped with our sour cream and cotija cheese. Half order comes with two tortillas.

       $7.99 / $12.99


Please note: at this time, catering is not available outside of the greater Chicagoland area.  Please call for details.


Tamale Hut Caf? - 708-442-0948 - 8300 W. Cermak Road - North Riverside, IL 60546